Podcast Season 0 Episode 1

March 27, 2018

Penn State Football: 2017 Year in Review

It’s the inaugural episode of The Obligatory PSU Podcast, the new companion podcast produced by the cast of The Obligatory PSU Pregame Show – former Penn State and NFL defensive tackle Brandon Noble, campus legend Mike “the Mailman” Herr, and authors/superfans Kevin Horne and Chris Buchignani. On Saturday of THON 2018 weekend, Brandon, Kevin, and Chris joined Mike for morning Mail Call at the Bryce Jordan Center and then regrouped at the BlueWhiteTV “living room” studio to look back on Penn State’s 2017 football season.

“Every time you hit Like and Subscribe, Mike the Mailman smiles.” -Kevin Horne

3:00 – “There have been 300 #MiketheMailman hashtags today.”

3:13 – Visiting THON & its humble beginnings in the White Building

4:36 – Overview of the podcast

6:30 – Cast introductions

11:00 – A magazine “is like a website you can carry around with you anywhere on paper”

11:20 – On the first season on statewide television

16:49 – The divisive legacy of the 2017 season

19:42 – “It’s hard to win ’em all.”

21:18 – Was the season a “disappointment?” (guys really get into the groove here)

25:22 – What will stand out most to you from 2017?

31:25 – How expectations change perceptions

35:00 – James Franklin ices the Georgia State kicker, the team debuts its throwbacks, GameDay comes to Old Main Lawn; the small moments of 2017

36:43 – Mike takes full credit for the team’s success

HOSTED BY: Brandon Noble, Mike Herr, Kevin Horne, Chris Buchignani

Just like the show, which began with complete strangers drinking beer and talking football on the back porch, this podcast will evolve (sort of… at least a little bit), and that includes everything from the format to the content to the show notes. Come along for the ride, and let us know what you like best.

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