Podcast Season 0 Episode 2

March 27, 2018

Penn State Basketball feat. John Patishnock

Call it bold, unconventional, misguided, or just stupid, but Chris and Kevin dare to dive right into the quagmire of misery and indifference that is Penn State men’s basketball for episode 2 (blame Chris). They welcome John Patishnock of the Penn State Alumni Association and HappyValley.com who covers the team courtside to bring some level of earnest seriousness to a topic they sometimes struggle to discuss without cynicism. Recorded just prior to Penn State’s win over Ohio State in the Big Ten Tournament (its third against the Buckeyes this season), this conversation takes a wide view of the 2017-18 season and the current state of the program. John will come back for a final debrief in the offseason, but this episode provides a fun, relevant, and evergreen look at the frustrating enigma of PSU hoops.

“For better or for worse, or maybe through indifference, Penn State has said, ‘Pat Chambers is our guy.'” -John Patishnock

3:10 – “At least one person capable of taking the program seriously,” introducing John Patishnock

5:10 – Chris secretly wishes he could be the villain, but Kevin just does it better

9:07 – Watching the team at (and breaking into) Rec Hall

13:00 – Two conflicting views of this season & Pat Chambers

20:03 – NBA prospects on the current roster; should Tony Carr make the jump?

21:50 – Gabe Norwood (Jordan’s brother) is “the Lebron James of the Phillipines”

26:50 – “I cannot in good conscience participate in… suggesting that Penn State will be a top 25 team next year. (It) feels like Amway sales.”

28:49 – Is the talent on this year’s roster the best in the Big Ten era?

39:11 – Kevin tells a funny story about fans storming the court after Ohio State

42:20 – Implications of this season’s results for Pat Chambers’ future

50:00 – Bill O’Brien still had an easier job than Pat Chambers


HOSTED BY: Kevin Horne, Chris Buchignani

GUEST: John Patishnock

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