Season 0 Episode 3: 50 Shades of Recruiting

April 3, 2018

The Messy Gray Area of College Recruiting

Unparalleled success in attracting top recruits has been a hallmark of James Franklin’s tenure at Penn State, with the fifth-ranked class of 2018 representing the program’s most talented group yet (probably its best in the modern recruiting era). Chris, Kevin, and Mike the Mailman get schooled on the process by Brandon, who was a star recruit himself once upon a time. As someone who spent the next couple decades playing college and pro football and then coaching in the college ranks, he reflects on how recruiting has changed in 20 years and how big the business has become. Join the whole Obligatory cast on a trip down the rabbit hole of college football recruiting.

BRANDON: It’s a group of people that haven’t had to change at all, for however long that was.

KEVIN: Hell, we had the same damn mailman for how many years?

4:09 – The “new normal” at Penn State & Brandon’s experiences at the PA high school coaching clinic at PSU

5:45 – Which two PA schools have shown the most recruiting interest in Brandon’s son?

8:10 – Franklin’s emphasis on National Signing Day & what it signifies

9:54 – The impact of early Signing Day

16:38 – Increased attention on recruiting & does it make the experience better?

22:18 – The business of recruiting & the illusion of star rankings (great Brandon story at 22:55)

26:15 – Increased focus on getting players to the NFL & how it manifests at Penn State

28:29 – Do “stars” matter & why?

32:17 – How has awareness of recruiting changed since Brandon’s playing days?

36:44 – Remember Ron Powlus? What about other disappointing Notre Dame QB recruits? (featuring a Christan Hackenburg moratorium)

41:42 – Coaching movement, at Penn State and elsewhere, and how it lines up with early Signing Day

48:04 – The process of targeting and bringing in recruits

52:42 – How effective are the NCAA rules & do they have any redeeming value at this point?

59:49 – How new coaching staffs clear out the previous regime’s players

1:03:23 – The greatest fullback/mustache duo in college football history

HOSTED BY: Brandon Noble, Mike Herr, Kevin Horne, Chris Buchignani

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