Season 0 Episode 5: Blue-White Weekend w/ LaVar Arrington

April 19, 2018

An #LBU great on his youth all star game, Paterno to Franklin, and more

As Mike the Mailman might remind us, neither rain nor sleet nor snow will hold back one of Happy Valley’s best traditions: Blue-White Weekend. To celebrate our quick dip in the barren offseason’s football oasis, Brandon, Chris, Kevin, and Mike were psyched to welcome LaVar Arrington to the podcast. LaVar is back in town hosting the A11 Stars Bowl 2018 at Beaver Stadium prior to the Blue-White Game to benefit his non-profit Xtreme Prevention and THON. He talks about the game and what it took to bring it to Penn State, his observations about this year’s team (including State’s latest LB to wear 11), and the process of transitioning from Joe Paterno’s old school approach to the James Franklin era.

“Joe would’ve cussed everybody out… he would have been mortified.” -LaVar Arrington on Penn State’s new facilities

3:41 – Mocking Michigan is as easy as it is fun

5:49 – The Blue-White tailgating experience

9:00 – Some love for Collegiate Athletic Travel (Booking now for Pitt 9/8 and Michigan 10/13)

10:40 – LaVar Arrington joins Brandon, Kevin, and Mike

11:50 – The A11 Stars Bowl to be played in Beaver Stadium at 10am Saturday before Blue-White

14:24 – Philosophy & process behind the game; focusing prospects on academics early

20:00 – LaVar entering his first year as a high school head coach

25:27 – On taking inspiration from James Franklin

26:56 – LaVar’s observations on the progress of the program

29:43 – “Stars plural;” draft prospects for Penn Staters headed to the NFL

32:08 – Trace McSorley and returning leadership/talent on the 2018 squad

34:38 – What would Joe think about Penn State’s facilities upgrades? Differences between then & now

39:22 – On Micah Parsons and the legacy of 11

44:01 – What will it be like for Saquon Barkley being picked high?

49:40 – The drawing power of Happy Valley & his relationship with Joe Paterno

1:02:50 – On the value of LaVar’s perspective on the program’s evolution

1:08:01 – State of the program, coaching situation heading into 2018

1:17:53 – Keeping the Blue-White Game in proper perspective (come for the tailgating)


HOSTED BY: Brandon Noble, Mike Herr, Kevin Horne, Chris Buchignani

GUEST: LaVar Arrington

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