Season 0 Episode 7: Summer in Happy Valley Paradise

May 16, 2018

Senior Week Porch Drinking 

Probably still too much football for Kevin, but not really. With Blue-White Weekend and the NFL Draft behind us and a long stretch of Summer (finally) to go before camp, the guys kick back on the front porch of Blue White Media‘s South Burrowes office and enjoy the slowest, warmest, and best time of year in the best place on Earth. Brandon and Goon swap stories from their days as Nittany Lions on the life of a Penn State football player during the Summer semester, while Kevin and Mike the Mailman (who may or may not have handled a package sent to campus by Ted “The Unabomber” Kacynski) explain how the other half lived. From Mike the Mailman’s bar tours to Marco Rivera’s horrible prank on Brandon, the wide-ranging, alcohol-fueled ramblings are vintage Obligatory. Enjoy!

BRANDON: How does somebody get Mike the Mailman on their bar tour?

MIKE: It’s very easy. Just call me.

4:03 – Summertime is the best time in State College

5:47 – Intersession vs. Intercourse

8:35 – Getting Mike the Mailman on your bar tour

9:59 – How Marco Rivera ambushed Brandon’s 21st birthday hangover

14:32 – What Summer was like for the players (Kyle Brady hung out at the post office)

21:21 – Strength and conditioning, then and now

30:04 – What Summer was like for everyone else

32:53 – Did Mike the Mailman ever handle a Unabomber package?

37:29 – The Wild West of Summer room and board for players

42:14 – Summer Tour Guide: The best gig in town

45:57 – The bittersweet farewell of Penn State graduation

47:14 – Why Come Back to Happy Valley?

HOSTED BY: Brandon Noble, Mike Herr, Kevin HorneKeith “Goon” Conlin

PRODUCER: Chris Buchignani

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