FALL ’18 Episode 2: Obligatory Alumni Road Tour (Lake Erie Chapter Edition)

August 15, 2018

The Circus Comes to Penn State Behrend 

Three-quarters of the Obligatory cast (Kevin was at a wedding) made their way to Penn State Behrend to regale the Lake Erie Chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association with their wit and wisdom (and an additional 48 minutes of content) as part of the chapter’s annual steak fry. Kudos to Behrend Campus Catering for a terrific spread. Special thanks go out to campus Chancellor Dr. Ralph Ford for joining us and to partners and friends who contributed to a very fun, successful night: Southern Tier Brewing; Collegiate Athletic Travel; Rock Lion Goods; Peek ‘n Peak Resort. The cast will be at the Station Square Hard Rock Cafe with the Greater Pittsburgh chapter the night before the Pitt game (Sept. 7; 6-9pm). For information and tickets visit: psuPGH.com

Want to bring the Obligatory circus to your Alumni Association event, county fair, or insurance adjusters’ convention? Email us: chris or brandon -at- bluewhitemedia.com.

NOTE: An audio issue with the originally-posted version of this episode has been corrected.

BRANDON: There are five programs in the country right now that can get anybody they want… the Southern schools, and then Ohio State and Penn State, and basically everybody else is fighting for the other kids.

4:08 – Check out the Southern Tier satellite brewery in Pittsburgh & Brewers of Pennsylvania‘s PA Beer Trail

5:54 – Mike the Mailman’s favorite zip code

6:20 – Luke Luther, president of the Lake Erie Chapter

7:00 – “There are an inordinate amount of Pitt grads still working in the telephone book industry.”

14:15 – Lasting memories from Penn State’s triple-overtime Orange Bowl triumph over FSU

16:25 – Some love for Collegiate Athletic Travel (Booking now for Pitt 9/8 and Michigan 10/13)

18:40 – Brandon’s two position groups that will determine PSU’s fate in 2018

21:09 – 10 wins as the dividing line between “reload” and “rebuild”

23:05 – Penn State one of five programs in the country that can get the recruits they want

23:56 – James Franklin & Joe Paterno both recruiting innovators of their era

26:19 – Joe Moorhead: Departed, but still beloved by Lions fans

28:21 – Mailman’s afternoon at Penn State Media Day (more at HappyValley.com)

31:20 – Penn State’s “new normal” of assistant coach attrition

35:38 – Will player or coaching turnover impact Penn State more in 2018?

37:51 – From football to futbol, former Penn State men’s soccer superstar Nick Scott

43:05 – Why James Franklin & Guy Gadowsky owe Nick a debt of gratitude

43:52 – Translating the PSU experience into business success with Scott Enterprises

HOSTED BY: Brandon Noble, Mike Herr, Chris Buchignani

GUESTS: Luke Luther, Nick Scott

Mood Music: https://youtu.be/SDcijJNmv5E

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