FALL ’18 Episode 3: Ins, Outs & What Have Yous

August 31, 2018

Deep Thoughts on a Beautiful State College Night 

Upon returning from their trip to visit the Lake Erie chapter of the Penn State Alumni Association, Brandon, Mike, and Chris kicked back on the front porch rocking chairs at Blue White Media HQ and rolled through a variety of topics, from the profound to the inane. If you’ve ever wondered what sports Mike played in his youth, what coaches and players think about the media, XX, or how much more Brandon knows about football than anyone else on the show, then this one’s for you. It is vintage Obligatory; guys who love Penn State enjoying a wide-ranging, free-wheeling conversation on a warm Happy Valley evening. We’ve got several more of these saved up and will be sharing them

In future installments, we’ll have plenty more random banter with the full Obligatory cast left over from the run-up to kickoff, and our next episode will feature more from one of our first TV guests of the season, former Penn State starting center (and Brandon Noble roommate) Barry Tielsch. Next Friday, the cast will be at the Station Square Hard Rock Cafe with the Greater Pittsburgh chapter the night before the Pitt game (Sept. 7; 6-9pm). For information and tickets visit: psuPGH.com

CHRIS: “Once you hear it, you can’t un-hear it.” (on Brent Pry sounding like George W. Bush)

3:25 – Mike’s degenerate “book club”

7:14 – Brandon & Mike ponder the road less traveled

11:57 – Summer camp & the vanishing era of two-a-days

23:43 – Mailman’s hoops & gridiron heroics

28:44 – James Franklin has opened up media access to the program

30:48 – Brent Pry sounds exactly like George W. Bush

33:38 – No Kevin = Brandon gets to talk football

41:45 – Brandon on his relationship with media as a college/NFL player

48:00 – The transition from Mike, a mailman, to “Mike the Mailman”

50:44 – Gearing up for tailgating season (again, no Kevin)

58:05 – Commonwealth campus nomenclature & more

1:03:27 – Legal and logistical implications of move-in week

HOSTED BY: Brandon Noble, Mike Herr, Chris Buchignani

Mood Music: https://youtu.be/SDcijJNmv5E

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3 comments on “FALL ’18 Episode 3: Ins, Outs & What Have Yous

  1. cornelius m McGeehan Sep 9, 2018

    did you not publish a Toga magazine this year? i asked my idiot nieces and nephews to pick me one up last year, but they were too busy filling their worthy magazinegullets with beer to remember. tell me i missed out on a Pulitzer worthy magazine?

    • Chris Buchignani Sep 27, 2018

      Lol, “not sure if serious,” Mr. McGeehan, but we did indeed publish a Fall 2018 TOGA that just hit the streets this week. Shoot me an email at chris@bluewhitemedia.com with a mailing address, and we’ll send you the latest issue along with a copy of last year’s edition autographed by Mike the Mailman.

  2. Mark Kendle Sep 10, 2018

    As always, you guys are great. Thanks for a few laughs and some good insights. Keep up the great work. WE ARE….Smile, Mike, smile.

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