FALL ’18 Episode 4: Ohio Hate University

September 27, 2018

Excitement and Anxiety as the Buckeyes Come to Town

The Obligatory podcast is back, and once again, Chris and Mailman are left to hold down the fort. This time, the guys are wrapping up the show’s trip down to Durham, North Carolina to raise funds for Hurricane Florence relief and looking ahead to a clash of early-season top 10 teams when Ohio State comes to town for the White Out. As usual, the conversation goes all over the map, from how the Lions and Buckeyes match up on the field to tips for planning your game day attire from morning to afternoon to kick off. Truncated show notes this week as we focus on getting this gem out the door and onto the phones and tablets of our loyal listeners.

Chris wrote a piece on Ohio State week 2005 that’s worth your time: https://happyvalley.com/psu/week-restored-penn-state-football

HOSTED BY: Mike Herr, Chris Buchignani

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