FALL ’18 BONUS Episode: Kirk Herbstreit on Penn State vs. Ohio State

September 28, 2018

Herbie praises Penn State football traditions

ESPN made a few College GameDay personalities available to the press on Friday afternoon (but they let Chris go too). Kirk had a lot of positive things to say about James Franklin, Miles Sanders, the Penn State campus and school spirit, and Ohio State-Penn State under the lights as a shining example of what makes college football so great. Afterward, Chris and Kevin quickly laid down a “micropodcast” to supplement the last installment and share some of Kirk’s thoughts. He clearly still remembers the 2005 Ohio State game almost as fondly as Penn State fans. Enjoy hearing what Herbie has to say in praise of Penn State, and get fired up for another Fall classic here in Happy Valley.

HOSTED BY: Kevin Horne, Chris Buchignani

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