FALL ’18 Episode 10: Wolverine Wipeout

November 6, 2018

Or, Trace McSorley’s Trip to the Circus

A slew of baffling coaching decisions, an afternoon of lackluster play, and an embarrassing collapse on the scoreboard has even Mike the Mailman as upset as Mike ever gets. Brandon, Mike, Kevin, and Chris take several cathartic diversions into a host of unrelated topics – such as bowl game gifts for players (nothing beats the Citrus Bowl towels), James Franklin’s relationship with the press, Ann Arbor as an elite college town, Bird Scooters, and State College local government – while still making plenty of time to bemoan State’s disastrous weekend at Michigan and scrutinize the coaching staff as they join Nittany Nation in the search for proper perspective amidst Penn State’s bizarre follow-up to consecutive 11-win campaigns. Is  this team good, bad, somewhere in between? Who knows? Not the Obligatory guys, that’s for sure. Enjoy an extra long podcast this week, and we think you’ll agree that, in this case, the search for answers that matters more than the answers themselves.

HOSTED BY: Brandon Noble, Mike Herr, Kevin Horne, Chris Buchignani

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