SPRING ’19 Episode 2.1: Very Dark & Full of Spoilers

April 30, 2019

Or, Let’s Talk Game of Thrones


We are super serial, you guys. MAJOR SPOILERS for Game of Thrones up to and including Season 8 Episode 3 plus some sundry, semi-spoilery references to Avengers: Endgame. If you haven’t watched yet, come on back after. If this pop culture stuff isn’t for you, no worries – another episode wrapping up Penn State’s big NFL draft weekend is on the way.

In the spirit of Obligatory’s best digressions, Brandon and Chris venture far beyond the Wall to review the most hotly-anticipated television event since last season’s Obligatory PSU Pregame Show finale. The show’s production and technical guru Jonnie Baker comes along for the ride as do Steve and Tim of the Let’s Talk Penn State podcast. Did “The Long Night” live up to the ridiculous hype, or was it at least a bit of a disappointment? Enjoy this bonus episode, an let us know what you think of the guys ranging off into other topics from time to time.

HOSTED BY: Brandon Noble, Chris Buchignani

GUESTS: Steve Garguilo, Tim Buckley (Let’s Talk Penn State); Jonnie Baker

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