SPRING ’19 Episode 3: After the Draft

May 4, 2019

Or, Kevin’s Antebellum Adventure

The Nittany Lions had a very respectable six players selected in the 2019 NFL Draft, with fan favorite Trace McSorley coming off the board in the sixth round to Baltimore. A total of four Penn Staters (two draft picks, two undrafted free agents) will remain in-state to suit up for the Eagles. Brandon, Chris, Kevin, and #Obligatory newcomer Paris Palmer (Penn State OT ’15-16) eventually get around to talking about the draft, the decision process around leaving early, and whether declared underclassmen who aren’t drafted (like PSU’s Ryan Bates and Kevin Givens) should be able to return to school. But first, Kevin returns to the show in rare form, giving a great lesson in craft beer appreciation along with a recap of his tour of several college campuses in SEC country. Mike the Mailman is on assignment.

HOSTED BY: Brandon Noble, Kevin Horne, Chris Buchignani, Paris Palmer

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