SPRING ’19 Episode 4: Never Graduate

May 9, 2019

Or, The 2 Return Trips All Penn State Alumni Should Make

The whole gang is finally back together, and in classic Obligatory fashion, the conversation quickly skews into a digression from which it never fully recovers. Brandon, Kevin, Chris, and Mailman relax by the banks of Spruce Creek at Voodoo Brewery’s State College location, waxing philosophical on a range of topics including: Beer (of course), Summer in Happy Valley, Penn State graduation, the end of “Senior Week,” Penn State’s two law schools, the street value of a Brandon Noble autograph (and your chances of receiving one in the mail, upon request), and Chris’ two pieces of essential advice for every PSU alum planning a trip back to State College:

  1. Pick and non-event weekend in the Summer, and come back for a relaxing weekend to experience town, campus, and the surrounding areas (experience Mount Nittany!) during the slowest-paced time of year.
  2. Plan a Fall football trip far enough in advance to take the extra time off and arrive mid-week. Experience town and campus on the Thursday and Friday leading up to the game, and make some time to walk through the surrounding neighborhoods to appreciate what a great college atmosphere we have at Old State.

HOSTED BY: Brandon Noble, Mike Herr, Kevin Horne, Chris Buchignani

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