SUMMER ’19 Episode 2: PSU Hockey Alum David Goodwin

June 13, 2019
Or, How to Ruin #CawlidgeHawkey in Four Short Years When our guest this week, David Goodwin, was being recruited, the Pegula Ice Arena hadn’t even broken ground; by the time he graduated as a senior captain, the Penn State men’s ice hockey team were Big Ten champions. The guys enjoyed a great conversation with David about his Penn State journey: The less-familiar path traveled by college hockey prospects and the unique advantages of being a 21-year-old freshman, buying into the vision of Penn State’s new hockey program and the process of making it a reality, memories from his time in Happy Valley and the experience of playing professionally after college in Europe. Note: David, a St. Louis native, is naturally a big Blues fan, and as we recorded, the outcome of Game 7 was still TBD. Congrats to the Goodwin family and St. Louis fans everywhere. Was it the skill and “grit” of the players that finally put them over the top, or was Mike the Mailman’s Blues t-shirt that was real good luck charm? We may never truly know. HOSTED BY: Brandon Noble, Mike Herr, Chris Buchignani GUEST: David Goodwin

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