FALL ’19 Episode 5: The Pitt Rivalry Bites the Dust

September 10, 2019

What to take from Penn State’s 45-13 victory over the Buffalo Bulls? While the final score may look like a standard, early-September blowout, the Lions struggled in several key areas of concern, and everything from the run game to offensive playcalling has Kevin Horne, Chris Buchignani, and even Mike the Mailman on edge. The guys dig into potential takeaways from a confusing night in Beaver Stadium before moving on to the age-old question of whether Penn State ought to continue playing its in-state rival Pitt. The conversation may have been an annual occurrence these last four years, but only because people clearly care, and the Obligatory crew weighs in with their evolving views on the subject. Mike the Mailman has some more NCAA trends to play for Week 3 of college football, and Chris has some positive feedback on the game day parking logistics.

HOSTED BY:Mike HerrKevin HorneChris Buchignani

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