FALL ’19 Episode 7: Sparty Vanquished

October 29, 2019

The Michigan State Spartans have enjoyed unprecedented success against Penn State in recent years, finding new and awful ways to torture James Franklin’s team and its fans, so much so that Chris and Kevin had already all but conceded PSU’s first loss of the season. A foreboding repeat of 2017’s infamous sloppy conditions did nothing to blunt their fears, but once the game kicked off, a still-undefeated and now-top 5 Nittany Lions squad proved that those concerns belonged in the past. With Kevin in the stands in East Lansing, exorcising the demons of his last rain-soaked trip out there, Brandon and Chris made the trek to Mike the Mailman’s house to watch the game together. Immediately after it ended, the guys fired up the podcast gear and reacted to the cathartic win that brought Old State to 8-0.

HOSTED BY: Brandon NobleMike HerrChris Buchignani

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