SPRING ’20 Episode 4: Unsolved Murders at Penn State

February 17, 2020

Most Penn Staters have heard of the unsolved murder in the Pattee Library stacks, but few know the whole story. This week, the guys sit down with true crime author Derek J. Sherwood to discuss his books “Who Killed Betsy? Uncovering Penn State University’s Most Notorious Unsolved Crime” and “Nittany Nightmare: The Sex Murders of 1938-1940 and the Panic at Penn State.” Enjoy this not-to-be-missed exploration of Happy Valley’s sparse, but grisly history of unsolved crime. Spoiler Alert: Everyone is a suspect; even a certain, seemingly-squeaky clean former campus postal employee.

HOSTED BY:Brandon NobleMike HerrKevin HorneChris Buchignani

GUEST: Derek J. Sherwood

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