SPRING ’20 Episode 11: PSU Barstool Viceroy Derek Shuman

April 17, 2020

Derek Shuman is a Penn State senior who has been the viceroy (i.e. Editor-in-Chief) of Penn State Barstool for most of his college career, a time period that has seen the account’s social media following grow to nearly a quarter million, the most of any Barstool college account in the country. From Pottsville, PA, Derek will be joining the mothership of Barstool in New York after graduation as a social media intern. He joins the guys to share his fascinating Penn State story – a journey from legacy aerospace engineering student to social media mastermind that included plenty of unforgettable experiences, among them partying with the Jonas Brothers at Champs Downtown. Over the last several years, Derek has channeled and amplified the vibe and voice of Penn State campus life to greater success than anyone in the game. It was a pleasure to hear his reflections on that experience and stories from the field. Enjoy this story from a true Nittany Lion who successfully discovered and chased a dream here in Happy Valley. Stay safe. Stay sanitized. Stay home. #WeAre

HOSTED BY:Brandon NobleMike HerrKevin HorneChris Buchignani

GUEST:Derek Shuman

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