SPRING ’20 Episode 17: Booze & Quarantine w/ Kirk French

May 19, 2020

Always a welcome guest on any Obligatory property, Penn State’s resident professor of “Booze and Culture” Dr. Kirk French, who was recently honored as one of six University-wide recipients of the George W. Atherton Award for Excellence in Teaching (despite his association with our show!), rejoins the show to talk about wrapping up the semester and adapting his recent documentary film release in the time of COVID-19. Many of us are finding the time to reconnect with old friends, and the guys are no exception. After years of goofing around with Brandon, Kevin, Chris, and Mailman, Kirk is pretty much an honorary member of the cast, so when they were all able to (virtually) reunite, the conversation quickly and unsurprisingly sprawled out all over the place, from the spike in sales of locally-sourced liquor to an anthropologist’s view of quarantine culture. Here’s hoping these deep digressions offer some thoughtful escapism from troubling times. Stay safe! #WeAre

Check out Kirk’s last appearance on the podcast: https://share.transistor.fm/s/1a03940c

HOSTED BY:Brandon NobleMike HerrKevin HorneChris Buchignani

GUEST:Kirk French

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