SUMMER ’20 Episode 1: Oasis of Nonsense in the Desert of Awful

June 4, 2020

Everything is confusing, uncertain, and, for the most part, terrible. In such volatile times, the Obligatory crew retrenches to the one thing for which they are (arguably) qualified, creating a few moments of levity and camaraderie that offer listeners some respite from what feels like an unending barrage of bad news and depressing images. Life in Happy Valley continues, so Kevin reports back on the surreal experience of The Phyrst’s post-quarantine midnight opening. Penn State defensive lineman Damion Barber became the latest Nittany Lion to enter the transfer portal, and the guys discuss the diminishing concerns over such departures. Chris explains his “hot take” that he maybe doesn’t care if Penn State ever wins another championship in football. Nothing seems good right now, but meaningful progress is rarely comfortable. We hope we can afford you a few opportunities to relax and smile along the way. Be safe, and take care of each other. #WeAre

HOSTED BY:Brandon NobleMike HerrKevin HorneChris Buchignani

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