FALL ’20 Episode 9: Penn State Football Recruiting w/ Ryan Snyder, Blue White Illustrated

September 22, 2020

Like it or not, recruiting is what separates the great from the elite in college football, and no less authoritative a source on Penn State’s recruiting than James Franklin himself just called out the program’s recent efforts there. Ryan Snyder of Blue White Illustrated joins the show to break down all the key news and narratives around the talent pipeline in Happy Valley. What impact has the COVID-19 pandemic had on college recruiting, at PSU and elsewhere? Who are some as-yet-unseen young stars set to break out in 2020’s short season? What’s been up with in-state recruiting? And is that 39th-ranked class of 2021 really as dire as the number makes it look? Ryan’s got all the answers, and they’ll probably make you feel at least a little bit better by the end!

HOSTED BY: Mike Herr, Chris Buchignani

GUEST: Ryan Snyder

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