FALL ’20 Episode 26.2: And Michigan Still Sucks

November 25, 2020

What is our possibly-brilliant nickname and gimmick for this game on Saturday? You’ll just have to listen and find out. It’s a special holiday-week bonus episode looking ahead to Penn State’s meeting with Michigan this weekend, basically because we have to (it’s called “Obligatory” for a reason). Chris, Kevin, and Mailman preview (sort of) the Nittany Lions’ matchup with the Wolverines, a genuinely unappealing contest between two indisputably bad football teams that will still air on national network TV because #brand. It’s a brief appetizer or after-dinner aperitif to accompany your Thanksgiving meal and mentally prepare you for the miserable slog awaiting us all. Happy Thanksgiving! 

HOSTED BY: Mike HerrKevin HorneChris Buchignani

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