SUMMER ’21 Episode 2: SCOTUS stiff arms the NCAA

June 22, 2021

When is losing 9-0 more embarrassing than losing 6-4? When you’re the governing body of one of the nation’s most venerable and popular sports leagues and you’re handed a unanimous legal shellacking by a politically-divided Supreme Court in the most charged atmosphere of partisan polarization in a century. Many Americans have wondered what force could possibly compel us to come together in unity, and that turned out to be the venal cynicism and stupefying incompetence of the NCAA. The organization and its nincompoop president Mark Emmert certainly make fun rhetorical punching bags, and there’s good, clean fun to be had from reveling in their deeply-deserved embarrassment and misfortune. But once the dunk tank is closed, is the new course being plotted for college athletics one that will ultimately please fans and preserve what made it worth caring about in the first place? Are we even asking the right questions to find out before it’s too late?

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SPRING ’21 Episode 13: The NCAA on Trial:

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