post_logo_2016Enter Mike the Mailman. As Brandon, Kevin, and Chris prepared for renewal of the Pitt-Penn State rivalry, they welcomed “special guest” Mike Herr, better known to generations of alumni as “The Mailman.” The guys enjoyed their time with Mike so much that they invited him to join the show, and the Obligatory cast was complete.


post_logo_2016Where it all began…. even before Mike the Mailman joined the cast (on the next episode), Brandon, Kevin, and Chris got together¬†– as total strangers – on producer Eric Porterfield’s back porch, opened a cooler of beer and a bottle of whiskey, and (sort of) broke down Penn State’s 2016 season open against the Golden Flashes of Kent State.

From the instant (if goofy) chemistry of this self-indulgent half-hour of nonsense, the show’s unique format was accidentally born.