The guys will do just about anything to avoid discussing the football team’s prospects heading into a sloppy mess against the hated Iowa Hawkeyes, including but not limited to, masticating mouthfuls of corn. On this Halloween episode of Obligatory, the only thing scarier than the holiday is Penn State’s clock management.

Sadness and beer and chocolate and sadness and more beer. Nothing matters and Kevin is sad…again. Penn College saves the day with a lesson on the finer points of chocolate consumption in an attempt to pick up the pieces after Penn State’s utterly disastrous, entirely indefensible collapse against Michigan State. 

On this episode of Obligatory: The guys milk a horse. Need we say more? Mike the Mailman discovers a new favorite beverage courtesy of Annie and Dr. Kirk French. We welcome Dante Wong to the show, Kevin has a beer with Josh Davies at Happy Valley Brewing Company and the guys encourage the Nittany Lions to#WinOneForKevin.